Helpful Tips for DHS Parents

Helpful Tips for Parents

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 309-243-7751

How do I report an absence or a late arrival for my student?

Email or call the attendance line using the information above and select Option #1 to leave a message on the attendance line before 9:00 AM, if possible.  If your student is coming in late, they will need to check in at the office when they arrive for an admittance pass before going to class. You do not need to walk into the office with your student.

What if my student is leaving early for an appointment?

Email or call the attendance number listed above or send a note in with your student no later than the morning of the appointment. The student will be given an appointment pass to leave the classroom and should excuse themselves from class at the assigned time. The student will then need to turn in the appointment pass to the hall monitor at the front door and leave the building. Any student returning to school after an appointment should check in with the main office upon their return to receive a pass back to class. Early dismissal requests received after 3:00pm cannot be guaranteed. (2:30pm on Wednesdays).

What if my student isn’t feeling well and wants to go home?

Students who are feeling ill should come to the main office or nurse’s office where they can call home to discuss their illness with you. If you decide your student should leave for the day, you may inform the office at that time and your student will be given a dismissal pass to leave the building. It is imperative that students who are ill come to the office/nurse and call parents so we can monitor them until they are picked up. Students leaving school at any time other than their normal departure time must check out through the office to avoid being considered truant.

Should my student bring a doctor's note when returning to school?

Yes, if your student missed school for a doctor’s appointment or visited a doctor while home sick, please send them back to school with a doctor's note. You have three days following the absence to submit this note from the doctor. This will enable us to code your student’s time away as medically-excused, which means it will not count towards the student's 7 days of absences allowed per semester. Any absence past 7 days without a doctor’s note will be recorded as unexcused and no school work will be accepted. Absences other than medically-excused, funerals, college visits, religious holidays, court visits, and school-sponsored field trips will count as one of the 7 allowed absences per semester.

What if my student will be traveling and missing school?

Have your student pick up a Pre-Planned Absence form in the office. A parent will need to sign the form as well as their teachers who can make arrangements for them to make up missed assignments. Students must then return the completed form to the office before they leave for their trip. Please be aware that days missed for travel do count towards the 7 days they are allowed per semester.

How do I collect assignments for my student who is absent?

Email each of your student’s teachers and guidance counselor as early in the day as possible. Assignments will be emailed back to you or left in the office to be picked up before 4 PM. If you expect your student to be out sick for an extended period of time, please contact his/her guidance counselor.

What is considered appropriate attire for my student?

In general, student attire and appearance must not be disruptive to the educational process, and must not constitute a threat to the health and safety of your student or others. Please refer to the student handbook under “Dress at School and School Activities” for specific information on what is considered appropriate attire.

What time does the school day start and end? When does each class period end?

The schedule below is for regular school days and will be modified for half-days and special events. *All students eat lunch during 4th hour class which is broken into three mini-periods. Students are assigned either A, B, or C lunch based on their 4th hour teacher. The normal DHS school day begins with 1st hour class beginning at 8:15AM, unless your student has elected to take a zero hour class (7:23AM), and dismisses at 3:30PM. School will dismiss early every Wednesday at 3:00PM.

Regular Days:

Zero 7:23-8:10 1st  8:15-9:02 2nd 9:07-9:54 Homeroom 9:59-10:19 

3th 10:24-11:11 4A 11:16-11:46 4B 11:49-12:19 4C  12:22-12:52 

5th 12:57-1:44 6th 1:49-2:36 7th 2:41-3:28 

Wednesday PLC Days:

Zero 7:23-8:10 1st  8:15-9:02 2nd 9:07-9:54 3th 9:59-10:46 

4A 10:51-11:21 4B 11:24-11:54 4C 11:57-12:27 5th 12:32-1:18 

6th 1:23-2:09 7th 2:14-3:00

How can I find out if an after school sports or extracurricular activity has been canceled or rescheduled?

Cancellations will be posted on our Athletic Website as soon as a decision has been made.